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About Us

Your Child is in Great Hands


HELLO! Thank you for taking the time and checking

Artsy Bugsy Studio out!

If you're new around here, we're an art studio that offers classes for kids, workshops for adults, and we're also an AWESOME partner for private parties and events -

We can host your event in our beautiful studio or head

out to a venue of your choice.

Artsy Bugsy Studio is run by a team of young individuals who are passionate about what we do, and love kids!


Artsy Bugsy Studio is founded by two friends (and now sisters) - one Mom and one very talented art educator. They both decided to take the plunge and come together to create a cosy space that was all-inclusive, radiated positivity and where everyone's creative juices would be encouraged to flow!


The daily operations are run by Chantal, a Mom of 3 boys, who has seen how Art has allowed her boys to develop their imagination, creative thinking and even how their solving skills have been enhanced.

The core of our curriculum is planned by our qualified and experienced Curriculum Director, Teacher Sharmaine, who is amazing with children.  Her firm belief in empowering children with creative expression stems from being constantly inspired by the innocence and imagination of her students, who in turn, are the greatest source of inspiration for her.

Meet our Team
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