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Introducing our ...

Workshops in May 2022

Japanese Alps

Mixed Media Canvas Painting

Our Japanese Alps workshop is such a fun artwork because there's canvas painting, there's sculpture work and this is our first time incorporating shrinking plastic into our artworks - and we are OBSESSED!

It's almost like magic really!

Suitable for any child aged 3yo and above.

Schedule + Timings

More for Less!

Sibling discount available.

68$ per child.


Mixed Media Pizza Workshop

Exclusive to Holland V


Art + Pizza - We literally can't think of anything

better if we tried!

To celebrate our amazing collab with Pizza Express Holland V, we have launched this exclusive Mixed Media Pizza Workshop!

Paper mache, drawing, painting + clay work will all be involved in this engaging workshop.

Schedule + Timings

Sibling discount available.

68$ per child.

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