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Meet the Team

Dedicated & Certified

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Co-Founder & Owner

Chantal started toying with the idea of starting Artsy Bugsy Studio because she could not bear to return to the workforce after her maternity leave of her third son, Jacob.


She wanted to create a  cosy space that was not only all-inclusive, but it had to be baby and child-friendly, where kids loved coming and parents could relax.

After seeing first hand how much her boys enjoyed art class with their Auntie Sharmaine, she took the plunge and that's how Artsy Bugsy Studio started.

Between her 4 children and the Studio, she doesn't have much free time but if she does, her guilty pleasure includes some reality TV.

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Co-Founder & Occasional Project Designer

Discovering the joys of Art at an early age, Teacher Sharmaine has pursued her passion with immense determination and graduating from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Fine Arts.

As her passion and love for the arts grew, it was only ever matched by her love for teaching and sharing.

Her firm belief in empowering children with creative expression stems from being constantly inspired by the innocence and imagination of her students, who in turn, are the greatest source of inspiration for her.

In her free time, Teacher Sharmaine can just paint the day away.

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Art Educator

Teacher Faz has enjoyed Art since she was a young child and decided to pursue it after scoring a Distinction for her

GCE O'Levels.


She graduated from the prestigious Nayang Academy of Fine Arts, and majored in Print-Making.

During her free time, Teacher Faz is always up for a discussion about how the world works and dream about the possibility of life beyond what it is. Otherwise, she just loves kicking back and being  a couch potato.



Curriculum Co-Director & Art Educator

Teacher Syaz graduated with a Degree in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London. 


She is our Senior Teacher with 11 years of experience in art education.


Teaching children has made a great impact in her career as she is constantly learning from her students, as they are always inspiring her with cool and funky ideas.


In her free time, Teacher Syaz enjoys going for an adventure! She loves hiking and goes off-track at the reservoirs. She also loves exploring and creating new forms of art like making resin coasters and trays.



Art Educator

Teacher Regine graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

In her world of art, she believes there to be an endless amount of possibilities.​

Teacher Regine has the ability to create art out of everything around her.

With her clumsy fingers and awkward strokes, she embarked on a never-ending journey towards creating an important masterpiece - her life!

Her hobbies include photography and watching a good drama!



Art Educator

Teacher Zureena graduated with a Diploma in Interactive Media from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

She has dabbled in all kinds of visual arts including art teaching, graphic design and even face painting!

Teacher Zureena's accolades include - 

Being awarded the Most Outstanding International Artist Award at the Australian Body Art Awards in Melbourne, Australis back in 2014.

Recording a children's song, and even lent her voice to an animation as Tim the Turtle.

If it isn't planning for her next project, Teacher Zureena is most likely planning for her next meal.

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