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  • Do you offer Trial Classes?
    YES, WE DO! However, as each art project is normally completed over a period of 2 lessons, our Trial Class includes 2 lessons!​ They cost 55$ per child at our Bishan studio and 60$ per child at our Trehaus venue. It is valid once per child.
  • Where are classes held?
    All classes (apart from our Mobile Art Room services) are held at either our centrally-located venue at Trehaus at Funan, or our own Studio in Bishan. ​ For those driving, parking is available at both venues. And for those taking the train, the nearest station to Trehaus at Funan is City Hall MRT and the nearest station to our Bishan venue is Marymount MRT. Both venues are a short walk to our Studios.
  • What is the difference the Monthly and Session packages?
    Our Monthly package is only available at our Bishan studio. It is a monthly fee for a weekly class. Make up sessions are permitted but it is limited to a maximum of 2 a month. For our Session packages, we offer both 4 and 8-session packages. These packages provide more flexibility and do not have an expiry. For example, you could opt to come on Sat at 1pm this week, and then on Sunday at 3pm the week after. This way, parents do not need to worry about missing and/or make up lessons.
  • How do I book?
    Our class booking system is available online so just click on the class or session you are interested in and follow the steps. ​ Alternatively, you can ring / text / WhatsApp us at 9010-7663, or email us at ​ Looking forward to hearing from you x
  • What do you teach in your children's art classes?
    We offer an integrated thematic curriculum, that gives children technical tools enabling them to express their creativity in an imaginative and playful way. ​ We aim to complete each project every 2 weeks. The different projects will include drawing techniques, painting methods, sculpture, printmaking and crafts. Some projects have a completed outcome such as a finished painting, a detailed drawing or a sculpture while others focus on giving the child a wider opportunity to experience art making and creativity. ​ A lot of energy and thought goes into the preparation of our curricula. We use high quality materials in class and only hire experienced teachers.
  • Can you actually teach my child to draw?
    If your child is showing an interest in art and wants to learn techniques to draw better, then yes! We are a perfect match for your child! ​ We believe that it is children with this mindset that get the most out of our programs.
  • Do I need to provide my child's materials?
    No, you do not. ​ All materials needed for our art projects are supplied by us. ​ ​ ​
  • What should we wear to art class?
    Our studio provides both children and adults with aprons. ​ For kids, however, as paint will feature, it is best to be dressed for mess! So we recommend clothes / shoes that are not precious.
  • Can two parents join the Parent + Child Workshops?
    Due to space constraints, the Parent + Child Workshops are limited to one Parent per child. ​ We do, however, have a waiting area right outside the class where we provide WIFI, and guests have access to our hot and cold drinks, so we believe you will be quite comfortable. ​ If the other parent is feeling Artsy, feel free to join our Open Art Jamming session and leave with a masterpiece of yourself!
  • Enrolments and Payments
    Enrolments can be processed online via the booking form, via email or in person at our studio. Kindly note that enrolment is only considered complete when class payment is made. Payments can also be made via PayPal, a bank transfer, or in cash at the studio prior to the commencement of class. ​ ​
  • Tips for settling in
    Regular routines and faces are key factors in establishing trust with our little ones. Each child adapts differently to a new environment. From both our experiences as a teacher and a parent, it generally takes 3-4 weeks for a toddler to settle in. ​ It is best not to force your younger child to participate, instead, sit behind them or with them and be part of the creating process. ​ Older students may like a parent to stay with them initially and this is encouraged if needed.
  • Cancellations or Refunds
    Due to the small class sizes, refunds are not available for missed classes. However, we will try our best to arrange for a transfer or make-up class when notified 24 hours prior to class. Kindly note that this will also depend on the availability in other classes. ​ Kindly also note that refunds for Holiday Programs, private bookings or party cancellations are not given.
  • Family Discount
    If you have two or more budding artists, we're pleased to offer you our Family Discount. ​ Kindly note that children must be siblings. ​ Contact us for more information.
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