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What We Offer

Online Art Classes for Kids

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Artsy Plugged In - Virtual Classes 2.0

We currently have two themes ready for Virtual Classes - 

Space theme & Ice Age theme.

A different project is planned for each lesson.

In each class, our students will be guided  on illustration, painting and blending techniques.

The LIVE zoom classes will be available on Monday to Friday every morning

where you can pick the best suited day / time for you and your child.

We understand LIVE zoom classes are not for everyone, this is why video tutorials

will also be made available to you. 

Video tutorials are great as parents / guardians and out students can watch them beforehand

to know what to expect during class, or if they really enjoyed a specific project, they can

always refer back to the video tutorials if they would like to redo it.

 The projects are designed so that they're manageable for the child to complete with little

to no assistance from parents and guardians.

The mediums we mostly use are also easily washable so that home furniture and clothes

are not stained.


This super fun and convenient program will help build our students’ confidence,

art appreciation and tap into their precious imagination.​

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